Thursday, April 29, 2010

Project Stone Removal: Session 2

Second session, and likely last session. At least for the near future anyway.

I knew the first session had worked; within days I began to see lots of "pieces" and realized that perhaps there really was something to this "blasting" business. So when they got me under the x-ray this time, they spent quite a bit of time just looking for anything that was left. They found a relatively small stone (which always makes me laugh because its only considered small by those who have never passed a kidney stone)high up in the left kidney and so concentrated on that one. I have to admit I was looking forward to the nap - I've been unusually tired lately - but before I knew it I was out of the OR and into the recovery room. Even there they plied me with cookies and juice, threw my clothes at me and whisked me out the door so quick I barely had time to register the dull ache I had in my left kidney. I must have had a different cocktail of pain killers this time because I could barely keep my eyes open on the way to Sackville to pick up the kids, or on the way home to the Valley. Once home though I settled in with a hot water bottle and a good book and began to feel a little better. I slept in the next morning (a real treat), realized pretty quickly the procedure had once again worked, with the appearance of several more "fragments" (and the reason for the pain of the previous night), and so hit the ground running with another great session at the gym!

So from here I have to have a long list of blood tests and another KUB (kidney/urinary tract/bladder x-ray) within the next week, see my urologist in two weeks and wait to see what they are going to do with me from here. I am feeling generally well, except for being constantly tired, so I'm not sure there is much else to be done until I see the endocrinologist and he determines whether or not my parathyroid is acting up again. For the record, I believe it is.

While we're on updates, I must say our house still isn't sold and its beginning to stress me out! I do realize its still rather early in the season and real estate moves at its own pace, but I was really hoping to be house shopping ourselves by the time May rolled around. We've had many very positive viewings, so that is good news, we just haven't had the right buyer yet. Fingers crossed on that one.

Also, four days into my new "healthy routine", things are going great. Other than Tuesday, when I was not allowed to eat or drink anything for almost 16 hours, I have been being very careful to eat properly, at proper intervals, and have stuck faithfully to my gym schedule. I am very proud of myself; in the past I would have never continued in this fashion on a day I didn't feel well. I would have headed back to bed and gotten up only when I was needed or it was time for work. Now I see excersice as a way to help my body heal and to get stronger - and it seems that just when I lay down its time to get up and eat again!

So for now all is well in my world. Time to concentrate on the never-ending job of cleanging out cupboards and drawers, painting, painting and more painting and the biggest goal of all: selling our house.

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