Monday, April 26, 2010

And so it begins...

I don’t plan to bore you all with every gory detail of this new venture of mine, but seeing as how this was my first day I thought it worth an update. Simply put: it kicked my ass.

I should maybe first explain exactly what it is this “program” consists of. It is essentially a routine that is designed to kick start my metabolism and keep it in full gear all day. I don’t have many pounds to lose, so that is not the primary goal here. While I am confident that following this regimen will allow my body to adjust and settle where it should be weight-wise, the main focus is on eating properly (and by that I mean timing, not content) and balancing my metabolism. I’ve thought about this a lot, done some research and spoken at length to Steven (who is quite knowledgeable in this area) and all avenues point to a metabolism problem, more than likely due my age. Thirty three is still very young but for me, it’s a world away from my lifestyle a decade ago. I had my babies quite young, did the no sleep thing, the running around from sun up until sun down, generally with one - or sometimes two - babies on my hip. I never stopped and never had a spare moment. At this point all my kids are now in school, my job consists of me sitting on my backside in front of a computer for 4-8 hours at a time , depending on the shift, and eating whenever I remember that I hadn’t yet that day. With all three kids gone all day I am no longer spending my mornings chasing kids at the park or the zoo, eating at regular intervals because they are, or generally being on the go for 12-16 hours straight. These days my daily activities are folding mounds of laundry, preparing supper early to have it ready before I go off to work, grocery shopping and of course playing chauffeur to three very busy kids. Not to say I’m not busy, but its not the same kind of physically taxing activities I endured while the kids were smaller and home more.

So now its all up to me. These workouts are a combination of cardio and muscle toning, strength training and stretching. Today was the not only the first day, but my introduction to the source of long-standing female intimidation: the weight room. That’s right folks, I hit the weights today. Haha, it sounds so funny to say it like that but I must admit despite my trepidations, I ended up enjoying it immensely. I had been dreading this particular aspect of my workout, especially since it was to take place at the Base gym, at noon hour when all the military personnel do most of their PT. So, a weight room full of army and airforce men who clearly know what they are doing and then little ol’ me. But you know, it was great. I knew most of them anyway, everyone was very kind and helpful and of course having Steven there (who in case you don’t already know, practically lives at that gym) didn’t hurt! One guy, who we didn’t know, asked me at one point, “Is this your trainer?” to which I replied, “Worse, he’s my husband.”

The very worse part of the day was the eating. I got to do my cardio this morning on an empty stomach – something about a calorie deficit to kick my metabolism into overdrive – but once I got home from that I was nearly on my hands and knees crawling to the fridge. That’s the point of course and was great for someone like me who never eats before noon. But after that it was, “drink this protein shake”, now (after our weight room adventures) “you have to eat a lunch with at least 20g of protein, then a snack and have a full supper. Then take a snack with you to work.” What? I was with him right up until half way through my lunch when the hunger went away and I was having trouble getting anything else down. I’ve eaten more already today than I normally would in three days. This is going to be interesting.

Tomorrow I get to have a small break, in the form of IV pain killers and another round of lithotripsy. But I will be back at it on Wednesday, this time I am determined and at this point I’m not sure that my “trainer” would let me back out anyway!

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