Monday, April 5, 2010

A little chocolate, a lot of fun.

Well it wouldn’t be a normal weekend in our household if it went by without drama. Easter it seems, is no exception.

I drove home from work Saturday anticipating the neighborhood BBQ that had been in the works for some time, taking place in our yard and the one next door. As I drove into my driveway I saw all the parents bolting into my backyard and knew at once it had to be one of my kids. I was right, Rhian had stepped on the only board in the entire yard with a nail in it, driving it up through her shoe into her foot. Of course the blood was substantial, the attention far too enticing and as soon as Mommy came around the corner of the house the howling started. After some swift first aid and a careful inspection from every parental figure on the street, it was decided she was going to be alright and that soaking her foot in warm water and Epsom salts to be the best course of action. I made a quick call to work and found out that she had indeed had a tetnus shot with her five year booster so the drama cooled down and the festivities picked back up. As I sat there among my fellow neighbors who kept coming over to offer a hug or a comforting word, sometimes a hotdog or cupcake to Rhian, I felt a momentary pang for the loss of such friendships. How many times had we done this on our street: grilled up a bbq full of whatever, let the kids run wild through our yards until dark, gulped beer and played ring toss until nobody could see any longer (whether from the fading light or the beverages, we could never tell!). I had a brief moment of panic at the thought of leaving that and the fear that we may not find that again in our new town. That fear was short lived, however, as we headed inside to continue our home improvement projects. By the time I had a fresh coat of bright white paint on all the bedroom doors to match the brand new trim and baseboards (yes, you read that right: I have trim in my hallway!!) I was once again looking forward to moving on and making new memories.

Easter morning dawned beautiful and warm again. We – I mean the Bunny – decided to stage an outdoor egg hunt in light of the construction zone that is my kitchen and living room. Rhian was having trouble walking on her foot so after completing her part of the hunt from her father’s arms – mostly hanging upside down snatching the eggs off the ground – we decided she needed to see a doctor. Once again I was eternally grateful that I work in an emergency room. In the end we got to spend much of Easter Sunday together as a family, although not in the way any of us would have chosen! Rhian’s foot is now on the mend, we were instructed to continue the soaking in Epsom salts (good call from the mommy’s and daddy’s of Oak Ave) and keep the area clean. She was such a trooper and I was “forced” to hear all afternoon after that how cute and well behaved my children are. Aw shucks :) One nurse even came out and told me she thought my hubby was a cutie! So a good day after all.

Once again we got to share in the hospitality of good friends as we headed over to an Easter dinner, after I got home from work, that was as sumptuous as it was fun. Later today it is our turn to host; I finally have a day off so I will be making my very favorite turkey dinner. Here’s hoping we manage to get this house back in order or it will no doubt go down as the infamous Easter turkey picnic!! I am sensing a busy morning…

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