Monday, May 3, 2010

Rude boys and bad manners

There is a thing called gym etiquette. I understand I am new at this and I've only logged a mere four sessions total in the weight room, but even I know that its not polite to stare.

I've been doing very well on my new journey, if I do say so myself. I've been tracking when I eat, what it contains and have followed my carefully planned out gym schedule to the letter. The best part is that while at work on Sunday I repeatedly experieced a feeling I've rarely felt in my life: hunger. I was so famished I ate all the small snacks I had brought (after devouring my lunch) and nearly teared up with relief when I dug to the bottom of my work bag and found a long-forgotten cereal bar. This, coupled with the fact that both my cardio lengths and my weights are increasing slowly tells me what I was hoping to be able to say - its working. My metabolism is waking up, my strength is increasing and my spirits are high. Until this morning.

I admit I was on a bit of a high to start with. I knew from the beginnig that by no means do I love working out; if the routines we picked for me to do became complicated or cumbersome, I would not continue them. By now I've had several cardio sessions to tell me I did not like doing it in the cardio room at our gym. I had been dreading this morning's routine so at the last minute I decided to go for a simple run instead. I never fancied myself a runner but I must say, out in the beautiful, warm spring morning all by myself I finally came to understand the joys of running. Well, I'm beginning to. I am the first to admit I don't have much stamina yet and will not be entering any marathons any time soon, but I think I have found a way to make peace with the dreaded cardio and for that reason my day started off pretty great.

So I met Steven at the gym later for my upper body workout and immediately these two guys sat down on the bench opposite me and didn't take their eyes off me the entire time. At first I thought I was being paranoid so I kept sneaking quick glances at them, expecting to find them having moved on. But no, I met their eyes several times. Then I felt my blood burn. I mean, its bad form to stare openly at anyone in public, who doesn't know this? And I'm not talking about a "oh look, a hot girl at the gym, I can't look away" kind of look. I am clearly not and they were very openly curious and judging. At one point I was on a machine that was in open view of the main hallway (this gym is not set up for any kind of privacy what so ever), doing bench presses of all things, when one of the guys came and sat on the bench directly outside the weight room and five feet away from me. By the time I'd caught him staring overtly at me several more times I wanted to go over and say, "listen buddy, you guys all want a girl with a tight ass and a lean body but you can't expect us to work up the guts to work on that if you keep rudely staring and making us feel downright stupid." (Insert a few colorful swear words and insults throughout). I chose not to engage them however; this is a gym my husband spends a lot of time in and I didn't really want to make a scene.

It did however make me work just that bit harder and with the never ending encouragement of my fantastic husband by my side, I got through it. I may not have that tight ass and lean body yet, but I refuse to be put off by rude boys and bad manners.

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SwedishJenn said...

That's terrible Michelle! We feel self-conscious enough at the gym without some rude assholes to make us feel even more paranoid. Good thing hubby was there. Way to go! You're doing so great! You are MY inspiration :-).