Saturday, May 15, 2010

Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life:

Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life:

It is an indescribable joy to watch your children grow, to see them have new experiences and to see what they learn from them; its even better when the people they grow into are people you truly like and are proud to know.

Our daughter Morgan has always been a head-strong, independant, very social child. She is assertive without being aggressive, exudes a self confidence that even I envy and once she sets her mind on something she finds a way to make it happen. She is polite, kind, very "motherly" and well liked among her friends. I have always been so very proud of her, and now I see that her generous personality is being put to good use.

A couple months ago she came to me and said that she and a few of her friends had an idea to put together a team to participate in the Relay for Life. Morgan is well acquainted with this charitable event, as her father has been involved in the Middle chapter for some time. We take them up every year to experience the festivities and to help celebrate all that the Cancer Society does, along with the good people of our community. Last year however, was an eye opener for us all. My mother-in-law, Morgan's beloved and cherished grandmother, was recovering from lung cancer. It was a fluke that it was caught and because it was, she had a great portion of her lung removed and was given a clean bill of health. As weak as she still was, she drove down to do the "survivors walk", walking proudly among her fellow cancer survivors in yellow, holding her grandchildren's hands. It was very touching for us all and apparantly left an impression on Morgan.

After some organizing and a parent volunteer, the group of girls started fund raising and amazingly are currently in 4th place for money raised online for the Middleton Relay. Words cannot describe how proud we are of her and her friends, their selfless attitudes and their desire to make a difference. I have attached the link to their page on the Cancer Society website, please feel free to visit and read the info on how you can help fight back.


Melanie said...

This is so touching! :o)
I want to sponser her for $20.00.
Can I do this through the page?
Please let me know!
Melanie :o)

Michelle said...

You're so sweet, and yes you can. Just click on the link and it brings you to their page. You can click on her name and the the button that says "donate" or something like that. Online is using a credit card, some people have been leery of that so you can mail it if you'd rather. My mom refused to do it by credit card online!
Thanks so much Mel, I know she really appreciates it and we are so proud of her.

SwedishJenn said...

Oh Michelle! So glad I found you again, for the 3rd time. I have now bookmarked you for fear of losing you again :-). I actually went through my emails looking for the link and luckily, I found it! You are THE MOM Michelle and that daughter of yours is such a blessing xo