Friday, May 21, 2010

Confessions of a Stess-aholic

Hello my name is Michelle and I am a Stressaholic. I may say that I can't wait to have everything worked out and settled, organized and finalized, so that I can sit back and relax - but don't let that fool you. I will just find something else to worry about, to obsess over and to nag my loved ones incessantly over. Welcome to life with me.

All sarcasm aside, I am beginning to see some merit to my (very tolerant) husband's years of branding me the "worry wort" and am just realizing there may have been a reason for the multitude of comments such as, "calm down honey" and "relax, it'll be ok." In fact, his favorite line to torture me with (after the obligatory "I told you so") is "See? Everything always works out". And it does. However, that does not stop me from stressing out over it.

In a life such as ours there is never any lack for things to worry over. There is always someone who needs something, someone who fell and injured themselves, someone who didn't do their homework or who is being punished for something. As soon as one problem is resolved it is quickly replaced by two more. After years of managing the daily lives and trials of our entire family, I am only now realizing that I thrive on the constant search for peace and resolution. I feel needed and complete when I am working to solve a problem so what happens when all the problems are solved? Thats where my addiction comes in.

I am not writing this to look for a means of "curing" myself of this affliction, but rather to understand it. When I stress about things, they get done. Issues get worked out and we turn a problem into a productive situation. My answer to my husband's favorite line? "Yes honey, things always work out because there is someone in the background making sure they do." Me. It is another example of how we are perfectly balanced and I am smiling now thinking of how often we've had that very conversation.

This week the focus of my stress is the fact that we've (and by that I mean, I've) decided to paint the house. It is something we have talked about doing for years and it has become apparent to me in the past month that we need do all we can to update the house in order to make it marketable. My main concern is not selling in time and having to stay behind - in a house I hate - while my other half makes the move on his own. I am trying to be as proactive as I can to get things done that I would want done (things I've wanted done for years!) if I were looking at this house, and to make it attractive to buyers.

Of course even I know that my obsession over things like paint and trim are coverups for the stress of having to leave this town we've called home for so long and the people we think of as family. That particular stress I will leave for after the house renovations, and any other physical changes I can think to make, are complete. You know, that time when the house is sold, our new one is purchased and I can just lay back and relax.

Haha, as if.

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SwedishJenn said...

"As if" indeed! You serial stresser you...ha! A fresh coat of paint might do the trick. We were told by our real estate agent to do the same, but we didn't and just when we were about to really start stressing, it sold, crappy paint and all.

But if you think that might be a contributor and it's nagging, get er' done and you can check that off your list of reasons buyers aren't biting. But it WILL work out Michelle and it will because you stressed about it :-). Funny how that works, isn't it?

That must be the most difficult and also rewarding part of being a military family, the moving. I can relate on some level, with our big moves over the last four years.

Will be thinking about you as you pile on the stress, a tactic that will also help to avoid the pending sadness. It will come. It will knock you over. But then, you WILL move sold and all. xoxo