Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why do people run in the rain?

This is a question I've asked so many times over the years. The truth is, you get just as wet when you run as you do when you walk. Come on, doesn't anyone watch Myth Busters anymore?
As I drove home from work tonight I found myself annoyed, as usual, at all the people I saw scurry to their cars and into their houses. I love the rain, always have. Alright, I admit there was a time when I was a vain teenager cursed with frizzy hair and dreaded the days when a downpour on the way to school would demolish the hairstyle I had so carefully worked on for half an hour. But once I got over that I realized that rain is so soothing, so comforting and then it became something I looked forward to. Rain makes soft noises on the windows and makes me want to snuggle up and let myself be lulled off to sleep. Thats what I had on my mind driving home tonight, the peaceful feeling I get from watching and listening to the rain when all the rest of the house is quiet. Not that its quiet very often mind you, but that makes it all the more special in my mind, when it is.
So now here I sit, a cup of tea and a hot water bottle nearby, listening to the sounds of a spring rain outside while I wait out the ever-present pain in my kidneys I have learned to live with but still have trouble controlling from time to time. Tonight I just need to sit, to listen, to let my mind drift and to hope I manage to get some sleep sometime tonight. Tomorrow will be a new day, a fresh day and I think I will take a nice long, slow and refreshing walk in the rain.

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