Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Project "Stone Removal": Session 1

You know its going to be a good day when your surgeon is young and cuter than the average urology specialist.

Ha ha, just kidding (not about the cute part) but all things considered, it was a pretty decent day. For some reason I don't quite understand but will not question there appears to be a certain comraderie among those of us who spend a great of our time working in hospitals. I've encountered this before but was never so happy to experience it again today immediately after the nurse asked me in pre-op what I do for a living. From that moment until I stepped into the OR I hung out with them and we kept one another in stitches. For me this meant no time to be nervous. I warned Dr. McDreamy about the complications last time, who in turn warned the Anesthesiologist. He was as nice as the first doctor was cute so when he showed genuine concern and promised me his "favorite cocktail" I let go of my final nagging fears. I won't put on a brave face and say it didn't hurt at all - they hit my sore, tender kidney with 2500 shock waves: pain was a given. But I decided to take the opportunity to relax and enjoy the generosity of Dr. Magic Mushrooms - and in the end finally got to have my moment of sitting up in the recovery room enjoying my cookies and juice like every one else. Small victory maybe, but a victory nonetheless. My pre-op nurse friends came to see me off and although I protested I was wheeled all the way down 10 floors and out to the parking lot to my car by a very nice porter who has a girlfriend that lives two streets over from me here in Greenwood. Small world. (And Steve is amazed how I know all this!) I am feeling sore and achy tonight but its not a pain I am unused to. I have, however, decided to make the best of a night off that I would otherwise have spent at work. Seeing as how we made it home just in time for the youngest two to have their final swimming lesson of this session - not to mention my full day tomorrow that starts out with me picking up all the kids from their half day of school to take the oldest to her dentist appointment and ends with a million phone calls and appointments to schedule pertaining to our upcoming move - I could use the break right now. So I shall leave all that for the light of day and for now will sink into my couch and be grateful today went as well as it did.

Good thing, because I get to do it all over again next Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for the invite. Glad to hear things went well yesterday and that now you can rest assured that it doesn't HAVE to be an ordeal like last time. Here's to "STONEFREE LIVING!". If only one blast would do it...

I haven't seen the urologist in almost a year. I want to know, but don't want to know. When there's no pain I tend to just "forget". Was it Dr. Grantmyre? :)


Melanie said...

I am so glad things went better for you this time!
I hope you start feeling better soon, especially since you are probably going to be even BUSIER, with the big move in the near future!
Take Care my friend, and enjoy your night off! You deserve it! :o)

Michelle said...

Thanks girls!
It actually worked, I'm glad to announce: I managed to get out three little pieces of stone yesterday with a very minimal amount of pain. I guess there is something to this blasting thing after all...who knew?

And no Kerri, it was Dr. Bailly :)