Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Time flies when you're having fun!

Can it really be 3 months since I last wrote?

I am going to use the oldest excuse in the book and blame it on our overloaded schedule, our busy household, the hectic holidays...and it'll all be true. I had the best of intentions to write a very touching, heartfelt post about the magic of Christmas and the joy of family and friends over the holiday season, but said family and friends kept me distracted all December long!

In actual fact, I did write that blog - and many more. The truth is that I blog each and every day...in my head. I have come to realize that I don't think like most other people; I think in article form. Every time I see a character on tv with the power to read people's minds I tell myself they would give up on me as soon as they realized I don't think in sentences but rather full paragraphs! As I go about my day I compose my thoughts in essay form, correcting as I go, and sometimes scrapping an incomplete thought and starting all over again. Strange? Probably, but the point is that once I've "written" it all out in my head, it never makes it to paper. Or computer, as it were. The same happens when I get all fired up about something - my first thought is to blog it all out, much like I used to journal all my emotions when I was young. But then I rant and rave to my hubby - or the nearest unlucky individual who happens to call or be present - and I lose all interest in hashing it out again in print.

This blog, however, was all about stretching my writing muscles and having a little "me space" in this crazy life, so I am finding myself missing it. Apparently I am not alone either - I have had several people ask me just this past couple of weeks when I am going to post something else. I can't tell you how that warms my heart. I thought it would be enough to just write out all my thoughts and fears and send them out to the universe, but it turns out I love the feedback and knowing that I am actually speaking to real people out there.

There is one subject I would like to vent - I mean, talk - about, and this is family. After a wonderful, loving holiday you may think I am talking about how important family is or how much I am missing them...but you'd be wrong. I am talking about family issues.

You may or may not know this, but I have a sister. I say that because when I mentioned last month to many of the people in my everyday life that we were going to visit my sister in Toronto, the resounding response was, "you don't have a sister." Sadly, it took me much of the Fall to convince Rhian I had one as well. She of course knew her name and had spoken to her on the phone from Nanny and Grampie's, but had never seen her or heard me speak of her. The fact is, we are not close. If we go way back, you know why. If we don't, trust me the story is far too long to get in to. Suffice it to say, its been a while. Morgan remembers her well though, and Owen has been curious about her for years so since we are only a few hours away we decided to pay her a visit. All in all, I would say it was a very successful trip. The kids had a great time and were spoiled rotten, there was no tension to speak of and if you were an outsider looking in you would swear we were all one big, happy family. I think we'll stick to one night trips all the time!

Now my mother is coming to visit. I am looking forward to it, frankly. Its no secret that my mother and I are quick to play on one another's nerves but I love her dearly and she is missing the kids terribly. It will be company as well, as Steven is now gone for his much overdue course in Borden. There is some comfort in knowing he is only 5-ish hours away in case he is needed, but with the winter roads and his heavy course load, we likely won't see him until late February. In one fell swoop he will miss Morgan's birthday, his birthday, my birthday and Valentines Day. It is very typical, however, for him to be away this time of year, so we'll muddle through :)

This coming year promises to be an exciting one. Our big changes came in 2010, but 2011 is going to bring about some big changes for close friends of ours - and bring them closer to us! You may recall my heartbreak over our friend who left for Afghanistan in June, about how he, his wife and son are like family to us. Well fast forward 7 months and he is coming home in a matter of weeks....and moving the family to Ottawa this summer! Obviously, we are over the moon. To have them a mere hour and a half away is like a dream come true. Now we just have to get our friends in Edmonton here in a few years and we'll be all set!

In the meantime we are still plugging away, still very much enjoying our new home and this new town. The kids are finally all doing well in school and fitting in beautifully. We have been fortunate to have played host to many friends and family members throughout the Fall, and look forward to all the people who are planning to head our way this summer. When I look back on last New Years - which I rang in at work in the emergency room - I find myself happy to be where I am.

My wish for you all is that you all follow your hearts this year. Take a chance, make a change, fulfill a dream....live your life to the fullest. HAPPY NEW YEAR and much love xo

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SwedishJenn said...

So glad to be back! I didn't remember you had a sister until I saw your FB pics and of course I remember now and remember her name as well. It's so nice that you could get together after so many years "apart" and have a good time. I wish you and your beautiful family all the best in 2011. You deserve it! xo